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Exceptional build quality
We're proud of our reputation for excellence and aim for the highest standards in everything we do at Keyways.
Our key safes and lock out boxes are no different, offering a superior unit manufactured here in the UK.
"Our Key Safes are designed and built to be the best
units on the
UK market"
Security Safes Manchester Manufactured in the UK
We pride ourselves on our processes and build quality. Many key safes or lock out boxes on the market today are of a sub-par quality built overseas to simply compete on price, not quality.

Our key safes, lock out boxes, card safes and all customised units are all designed and built within the UK and are manufactured to CEGB Standard 13523 to provide the safe retention of keys or other means used for isolating or 'locking off', in accordance with the CEGB Safety Rules.
Key Safes Supplier We offer a superior quality unit, built in the UK
Key Safe Lock Out Constructed from quality 1.2mm thick mild steel
Lock Out Boxes Bespoke Key Safe customisation upon request
Why choose our Key Safes?  
Designed to the
highest standards
Our key safes and lock out boxes are designed to meet high standards, however they can also be customised to meet unique requirements. As with all our lock out boxes, the Key Safe locking system operates in accordance with the following requirements:
1 The control Key can be withdrawn in the locked and unlocked positions
2 Secondary Lock Keys can only be removed in the locked position
3 Lock mechanisms are independent of each other
4 The key safe is secure until all keys are in the unlocked position
5 Control locks and keys are alike within a key control area
6 Secondary locks and keys differ within a key control area
Lock Out Boxes
Constructed in the UK
from quality mild steel
Key safes and lock out boxes are commonly supplied in single or multiple units, which can be close mounted together. We construct all our units with quality 1.2mm thick mild steel sheet, using a hinge pin 3.15mm in diameter secured to prevent withdrawal.

The door is fitted with clear plastic 3mm thick as standard, allowing for forced entry in emergency situations. All safes are then specified with one control lock and dependending on specification, either four or seven secondary locks. All locks are identified on the door of the safe, together with the safe number.

All keys for your lock out box are provided with brass tags engraved with the safe number and secondary lock identification.
Lock Out Boxes
Abloy Security Locks
fitted as standard
All of our key safes, lock out boxes, key storage safes and customised units come as standard with an Abloy cylinder cam lock.

The ingenious lock invention is in no way dependent on springs and pins, which could reduce the efficiency of the lock over a lifetime of use. As is the case with so many other lock mechanisms, each groove of the key operates its individual tumbler disc in the cylinder and detemines its turning angle. When the key is turned clockwise, the tumbler disc notches align below the locking bar which drops into the groove and frees the cylinder. It is impossible with any key other than the correct one to align the notches so that the lock can be opened. The cam locks we use also offer a minimum of 270,000 differs.
Lock Out Key Safe
Surface preparation
and powdercoat finish
All of our key safe and lock out boxes are suitably degreased and prepared before any final finish is applied. Once etched primed, each unit is then undercoated and finished with two top coats of BS631 grey. Each key safe unit is then stoved at the correct temperature for maximum durability.
Lock Out Boxes
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